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Political refugee from the US in Europe

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Dr Les Sachs

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You are reading a web page that, in 2007, was illegally banned from Google and the internet search engines, via criminal actions of the US judges and government, who have threatened the political assassination of the journalist Dr Les Sachs.

At the head of the criminal group requesting the banning of this biography, is the anti-Semite friend of President Bush, the fascist author and political financier Patricia Cornwell, who has spent something on the order of a million US dollars trying to destroy Dr Sachs, trying to silence him and murder him, as Cornwell tries to silence the ugly truths about her own life.

Patricia Cornwell, a proven liar and perjurer, was able to ban this website thanks to her old partners in court fraud in racist Virginia, the US federal judges of the Virginia 4th Circuit, and thanks to criminally corrupt US law firms, WilmerHale and Morris & Morris, lawyers who are trying to murder a political refugee they saw as helpless and vulnerable.

See the main page of this site for Correcting Internet Lies told about Dr Les Sachs, and the upcoming legal case in Europe regarding the US government - Patricia Cornwell threats to murder Dr Sachs, the illegal orders to Google to ban his journalism, and what is called the largest smear campaign of libel and lies ever conducted against a political refugee.

A dedication from Dr Les Sachs

In memoriam:
Miss Kitty, my little blind girl, my dear child
Whom I was never able to see alive again
Because of the US gov't - Patricia Cornwell threats to murder me,
That forced me to escape to Europe to save my own life

Miss Kitty, born circa 1989 -
Found her abandoned, hungry and bleeding in summer of 1993 -
Lived with her for over 10 years -
She went blind in late 2001, slept at my shoulder,
She bravely escaped Virginia with me,
Riding patiently in the car as we travelled north to safety,
While the Cornwell lawyers threatened to murder me

27 March 2004, the last day I saw her alive

Then Miss Kitty waited for me
In a house in North America
She prowled her small quarters,
Waiting for me for over a year,
Hoping to hear my footsteps just one more time.

Then, elderly and blind,
Miss Kitty died without me on 15 April 2005
Without hearing one last word from me
Without one last touch of my hand upon her fur.

To Miss Kitty:
Heaven bless you, my little dear
I will grieve about leaving you until the day I die
The day on which I will be happy to join you
Where you are now, in the arms of God.

Miss Kitty, photo

My dear beloved child - my blind girl Miss Kitty, c. 1989 - 15 April 2005

That I was never able to see Miss Kitty alive again, is
The great and inconsolable grief of my life,
The greatest tragedy of all my sufferings over the years,
The biggest crime of the US government and Patricia Cornwell
These criminals who threatened to murder me,
And who forced me to become a refugee -

That I was never able to touch and comfort my little blind girl ever again

This is the great loss that can never be compensated,
the tragedy that can never be undone,
the pain and grief always in my heart

Miss Kitty, I will see you in heaven one day
And only on that day, with both of us in the arms of God
Only then will there be an end to my tears for you

God keep you, little girl, until I see you in the life to come.

Dr Les Sachs photo

Dr Les Sachs

Dr Les Sachs is an author, journalist, and expert on US corruption, who has been forced to take political refuge in western Europe, after he criticised a racist friend of the President Bush family.

Dr Sachs, son of a Polish-Jewish mother, was targeted by President Bush's close friend and major contributor, the racist and Jew-hating author Patricia Cornwell.
"The US hates Jews who are for peace, Jews who expose US extremism and fascism - These are the Jews America wants to silence and destroy." Details of the attacks on Dr Sachs are below.

Dr Sachs holds seven degrees from three universities, the first two from Harvard; two further degrees in philosophy; and a research doctorate in historical studies of law and religion.

Dr Sachs also holds the Superior Performance Award from the United States Department of Justice, and the American Legion and Voice of Democracy School Award for his writing and speaking on issues of freedom.

Dr Sachs has written several highly praised books that sold over one hundred thousand copies. His amusing book on auto sales corruption was described by US CBS Television as the "best book ever written" on the topic.

Anchored in a spiritual view of nature, Dr Sachs is devoted to freedom, peace, tolerance, justice, gentleness and compassion. He supports the rights of the vulnerable, and of those who challenge corruption, tyranny, and the abuse of power.

Dr Sachs' Voice of Democracy awards, photo

Early awards Dr Sachs received as a "Voice of Democracy"

   Blue-Collar Chicago

Dr Les Sachs has multiple ethnic heritages, mostly European, but including Jewish roots via his Polish mother and native American roots via his Canadian father.

Dr Sachs grew up in working class neighborhoods in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He spent much of his childhood in the streets and bowling alleys of this heartland US city. As a child, Dr Sachs was quietly influenced by some deeply-felt encounters with Native American spirituality, a perspective that nurtures him to this day. Dr Sachs graduated from public high school at the age of 16, and immediately entered Harvard College on a scholarship.

Years of Education, Jobs in Government, and a Spiritual Journey

Dr Sachs, age 19, taking first trip to Europe, photo
The young student Les Sachs on his first jaunts to Europe.

Dr Sachs has spent most of his life in the quiet study and pursuit of answers to the great spiritual questions, never caring much about money or success. His focus instead was on intellectual and spiritual pursuits, and ethical and political activism in the midst of a society becoming devoted to greed.

The major indulgence of the young Les Sachs, was in numerous travels to the  gentle societies of Canada and Europe, where he instantly felt at home as an international citizen.

In summers during his student years, the young Les Sachs worked for the US Federal Aviation Administration, the Mayor’s Office of the City of Boston, Massachusetts, and also the United States Department of Justice, where he received the Superior Performance Award.

Dr Sachs' awards from US Justice Dept and City of Boston, photo

Dr Sachs' delightfully artful certificate of "retirement" from the government of The City of Boston, and his major award from the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. - But where are those FBI guys when you really need them? Today the FBI supports Bush's friends, and the terrorism and murder of journalists and others who expose corruption.

Student photo Les Sachs

Photo of Les Sachs taken by a girlfriend in student days.
Already looking a bit radical.
Les Sachs got his first master's degree from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. As a graduate student at Harvard, Dr Sachs worked as a teaching assistant in a course on the moral issues arising from the Holocaust and the history of the Nazi Third Reich, and he gave a lecture to Harvard students on the role of art and artists in relation to a fascist government.

After Harvard, Dr Sachs went on to further studies in philosophy at City University of New York, where he earned the MA and MPhil degrees, and then completed his formal education with a fellowship at the Catholic University of Washington, D.C. There, Dr Sachs earned the antique mediaeval degrees of JCB, JCL, and JCD, writing his doctoral thesis on 16th century Britain, and an early attempt to enact a spiritual socialism.

Sachs is very open-minded on religion, and respects all humane and tolerant religious ideals. Dr Sachs honours his Jewish heritage, despite the US government threats to jail and murder him as a "stupid Jew". Dr Sachs is a Christian Unitarian by faith. In the spirit of Dr Albert Schweitzer, Dr Sachs believes that spiritual truth flowers above all in our relationships with nature and with the animals of the earth.

Dr Sachs' university diplomas --
Dr Sachs' Harvard diplomas, photo
Above, Dr Sachs' first two degrees from Harvard; below, several more graduate degrees including his doctorate.
It is not quite known how many college beer parties were attended while these diplomas were being gathered.
Dr Sachs' further graduate and doctoral diplomas, photo

Dr Sachs - Political Activist and Author

As a religious and spiritual socialist - not fitting in to the US 'system' - Dr Sachs pursued an independent path very different from his Harvard classmates, who recently have been ruling the US empire.

Dr Sachs shunned the opportunities of wealth and power, and instead he worked at a wide variety of odd jobs, pursuing two other avenues in pursuit of a ethical and political life. He never forsook his youthful idealism to 'change the world'.

One was as a political activist trying to fight injustice in whatever ways he could, often writing letters and protests. This of course earned him the dislike of US government officials.

The second was developing a writing and publishing career, a platform from which he might have a greater voice in helping to reform the oppressive and increasingly fascist American landscape.

Dr Sachs has always taken an interest in the automobile culture. In the early 1980s, Dr Sachs became interested in America's hilariously cowboy motor sales industry, and decided to do some new-style journalism on it. This was the beginning of Dr Sachs' major public role as an expert on US corruption.

Dr Sachs "went undercover" as a car salesman to write his best-selling book for Penguin - Pearson, How to Buy Your New Car for a Rock-Bottom Price. Dr Sachs' car book was a sharp debunking of the chicanery in the auto sales industry, but also contained crisp social observation and insight into the funny characters who are found within the sales culture. Dr Sachs then co-authored a book for Simon & Schuster on used cars, Cheap Wheels.

Dr Sachs noted how the U.S. auto sales industry serves as an economic safety valve for displaced American workers, and how car salespeople see themselves as much more honest than crooked lawyers and politicians.

Dr Sachs in the 1980's, hand on the steering wheel, working on the car book, photo

In the suburbs of Washington, D.C., Dr Sachs trying to help his fellow Americans learn to play the car sales game. Note the classic fuzzy dice.

Popular books by Dr Sachs, photo
Popular books by Dr Sachs, each of them a well regarded classic of the genre.

The blue book on new cars made some big boodles of money for the astonishingly ungrateful Penguin Pearson publishing corporation, which joined in threatening to murder Dr Sachs in revenge for his writing about the anti-Semite Patricia Cornwell.

Dr Sachs had graduated from Harvard at age 19, earned his seventh and final degree, his doctorate, at the age of 28, but it was relatively late that he understood his vocation as a writer, author, and journalist. And it was even later still that Dr Sachs came to realize he had talents as a novelist.

This realization came in the 1990s as the American publishing industry entered a period of implosion, focusing on its big famous authors to the exclusion of smaller ones, so Dr Sachs founded his own USA publishing company, the Pussycat Press, that he ran out of his humble apartment.
The suburban Richmond, Virginia apartment building where Dr Sachs lived from 1988 to 2003, the international headquarters of his 'Pussycat Press'.

Apartment up the stairs and to the right.

Before she went blind, Dr Sachs' beloved cat, Miss Kitty, used to like prowling around those bushes.
Dr Sachs' Richmond, Virginia apartment, photo

In 1998 Dr Sachs published The Virginia Ghost Murders, a mystery novel that won critical acclaim as well as popularity with readers.

One of the several themes of The Virginia Ghost Murders is the good ol' boy corruption of Virginia society and government. The heroine of this novel is a mystical female detective descended from Edgar Allan Poe, and readers have never stopped asking Dr Sachs about when there will be sequels. The Virginia Ghost Murders became "The Book that Patricia Cornwell Threatened to Destroy" and the trigger for the US government threats to jail and murder Dr Sachs.

Bush friend Patricia Cornwell Begins Attacks
to Jail and Murder Dr Les Sachs

In the year 2000, when the junior George Bush was first running for President of the US, Dr Les Sachs was victimized by a criminal scandal connected with Bush's campaigns. Dr Sachs publicly criticized Jew-baiting extortion threats he had been faxed by the famous racist and celebrity author Patricia Cornwell, who has been a friend of the President Bush family since the early 1980s. Cornwell funnels large amounts of money to the Bushes and US politicians. On one occasion alone, Cornwell presented the Bush family with a million dollar gift and bribe, as Cornwell and her lesbian lover were invited to frolic at the President Bush estate in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Patricia Cornwell grew up under the foster supervision of the Jew-hating preacher Billy Graham, famous for denoucing Jews on the Watergate tapes with US President Richard Nixon. Cornwell herself denounces the "filthy Jews", and publicly boasts she can get away with murdering people. Cornwell takes a particular pleasure in financing neo-Nazis, threatening to burn books, and threatening to kill people of Jewish heritage.

See the online "REAL biography of Patricia Cornwell" for more background on Patricia Cornwell and her life of criminal scandals.
Among other offences, Cornwell has had a series of scandals and legal cases regarding her copying and imitating outside material for her books, including Cornwell stealing the private autopsy reports of murdered children.

Back in 1999-2000, Dr Sachs was a neighbour of Patricia Cornwell in Richmond, Virginia, and also shared the same publisher as Cornwell, Penguin Books. Documents prove that Dr Sachs' novel, The Virginia Ghost Murders, was in the hands of Cornwell's editors and literary agents at a very early date, long before Cornwell announced, in December 1999, a new novel that sounded like the plot of Dr Sachs' book.

Given what seemed to be yet another Cornwell theft-in-progress, Dr Sachs privately needled Cornwell, trying to avoid becoming another in Cornwell's long line of victims. After Dr Sachs' protests, Cornwell delayed publication of her novel and re-wrote it, to try to eliminate the more overt copying of elements of Dr Sachs' already-published novel.

But the Cornwell gang didn't want another Cornwell scandal going public, so they faxed Dr Sachs a Jew-baiting extortion letter, demanding the book-burning and destruction of Dr Sachs' books and writings, and his silence about Patricia Cornwell. This letter, with its book-burning demands, was deeply offensive to Dr Sachs who is partly Jewish, and who honours the memory of the Jews who died in the Holocaust of Hitler's Nazis, the same Holocaust where the books of Jews were likewise destroyed and burned.

Dr Sachs told the Cornwell gang to take their Nazi-style threats and shove them up their buttocks. At the time, Dr Sachs was not aware of Cornwell's deep ties to the murderous George Bush gang, nor of Cornwell's ability to bribe US judges and successfully commit extortion and other crimes.

Patricia Cornwell, egged on by her lawyers, paid a reported half million dollars to finance a programme to ban, jail and murder Dr Sachs, and this criminal scheme was also backed by the Penguin Pearson publishing corporation that sells Cornwell's books. Thus an array of criminal forces - the Bush gang and US politicians and their allies; Cornwell and her big publishing company; and Jew-hating judges and lawyers taking bribes and getting paid by Cornwell - all joined in trying to hide the truth about the sleazy Cornwell, and in trying to crush and destroy Dr Sachs.

To carry out the Cornwell scheme, the notorious Jew-hating
Virginia federal  "Judge Robert Payne is my name, federal bribery is my game", who was appointed by Cornwell's friend the first President Bush, staged a brief and fraudulent "show trial" court proceeding to illegally ban Dr Sachs' freedom of speech and freedom of the press. By prior arrangement with Cornwell's lawyers, Judge Payne instantly banned Dr Sachs' fredom of speech in a phone call, mere minutes after Dr Sachs received the legal papers.

Judge Payne and Cornwell hired thugs, including a neo-Nazi from Germany, to fraudulently pose as
lawyers for Dr Sachs himself. These thugs used threats of illegal jailing, torture by Cornwell's thugs, and murder, in order to keep Dr Sachs quiet, and to prevent the judge's illegal orders from being quickly appealed.

There was no trial, no lawyers with the courage to help him, and Dr Sachs was unable to say a word about the events taking place. After a few weeks a final and totally fraudulent written court order was produced, claiming that Dr Sachs had "agreed" to the banning of his own freedom of speech for the rest of his life, plus to pay a huge some of money to the judge's friends. This clearly fraudulent order is signed only by the Bush judge and Cornwell's bribed and paid lawyers.

Dr Sachs has a soft-spoken and gentle character, so the Cornwell gang thought he was a "stupid Jew" who would stay quiet and submissive, and they allowed Dr Sachs to stay alive so he could pay money to the judge's friends.

Cornwell's thugs openly talked about murdering Dr Sachs in court records, and left another major smoking gun in their portrayal of a fake "civil rights First Amendment charity", a "Freedom Works Foundation" which was never IRS-certified and thus is a fraud, as part of their staging of the fake trial against Dr Sachs. The Cornwell thugs put this 'Foundation' fraud in writing, in court records and even keep it today on the internet.

These criminal acts are proven in documents now on file in Europe, and also held by America'
s FBI and federal prosecutors. The US government has continued to protect Cornwell out of loyalty to Bush, and the reflex to cover up for crimes by US federal judges, though recently information on the Cornwell crimes was requested by US White House Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

After her threats to murder Dr Sachs, and Bush was installed as President by the US judges, Patricia Cornwell dropped a fresh USD $1 million bribe off with the Bush family, and Cornwell and with her lesbian lover Irene Shulgin joined the Bushes in celebration at the Bush family homestead in Maine.

From the time these criminal acts began to take place, Dr Sachs desperately tried to get legal help to fight back, only to find that American lawyers are too
afraid to fight crimes by lawyers and judges that involve the President Bush family, even when the crimes are completely proven by documents. No US lawyer has the courage to fight bribed judges who are backed by the Bush family.

Dr Sachs bravely stayed in America for as long as he could - he paid some of the extortion money to the judge's friends to buy himself some time. But in the end it proved impossible for Dr Sachs to stay in the US, with the judge's
thugs closing in on him and making it clear he faced illegal jailing and death, because he dared to try to find a lawyer to fight the crimes of Bush's friends.

With Dr Sachs totally abandoned by America's fearful lawyers, and the Bush government ready to jail him and kill him, Dr Sachs was finally forced to escape from the US for his life and his freedom.

Dr Sachs Escapes from the US to Save His Life

Contrary to the lies and propaganda of the Cornwell gang, Dr Les Sachs had never cared about money or fame. He specifically avoided the money-making careers he could have chosen, as an Honours Harvard graduate. And Dr Sachs had turned down television interviews requested by Dan Rather about his car books.

But, i
n his final months above ground in the US, before the Bush-Cornwell gang closed in on him to jail him and kill him, Dr Sachs briefly became a capitalist. He intentionally took a job where he could earn large piles of money, just so he could afford to hire lawyers and fight these political criminals backed by President Bush and Patricia Cornwell.

Almost overnight, Dr Sachs became one of the USA's top-performing mortgage loan officers, using his talents and compassion to structure loans for Americans who were not able to get loans elsewhere. In this, his final job in the USA, Dr Sachs became one of the most successful loan officers ever, at the national headquarters of a company called America's MoneyLine.
Dr Sachs' former colleagues smile and tell the story of how Dr Sachs, working in a small cube with a telephone and a computer, managed to get a paycheck of over $23,000 USD in a single month, with his talent by structuring loans for people who needed them. His customers at times were grateful and in tears, for the financial rescues that Dr Sachs provided.

Dr Sachs offered his cash flow of several hundred thousand dollars, to any US lawyer who would actually stand and fight the Patricia Cornwell gang, and the corrupt federal judges and lawyers who had threatened to kill him. Despite the money Dr Sachs assembled, and his contacting thousands of lawyers, no US lawyer ever had the courage to defend Dr Sachs.

For Dr Sachs - who had tried to honour the memory of his Polish-Jewish countrymen who had died in the Holocaust - looking for a brave lawyer in the US, turned out to be as hopeless as Abraham looking for 10 good men in Sodom and Gomorrah.
The national headquarters of America's MoneyLine, where Dr Sachs had his final job in America: nice place to work, friendly people, free soda in the machines for the staff, and huge paychecks which still could not turn up a brave lawyer inside the corrupt USA.
National headquarters of Saxon Capital, photo

So, alone and abandoned, Dr Sachs had to use the money he briefly earned, to make his escape out of America. Tipped off as to when they were planning to grab him and jail him in prelude to murdering him, Dr Sachs went into hiding in the US, fleeing northwards just as the Patricia Cornwell gang were about to grab him in Virginia.

After some months in hiding, trying to write about his ordeal, Dr Sachs slipped over the US border near Niagara Falls into Canada, where even Canadians thought it was too dangerous for Dr Sachs because of the risk of attack or kidnapping by US agents, given Patricia Cornwell's many friends at the FBI. Dr Sachs flew from Toronto to the Netherlands, where he was indeed attacked by US government agents who e-mailed him computer viruses from FBI offices, to try and destroy his computers and writing.

Though Dr Sachs was sheltered and given informal refuge in the Netherlands, and received help from brave Dutch people, he was also the victim of hostility by a Dutch establishment, which even today maintains a hostility to Jews and foreigners, in the ugly tradition of the Dutch collaborators who betrayed Anne Frank to be killed by the Nazis.

Dr Sachs settled finally in the capital of Europe, in the wonderful bi-lingual (French and Dutch) city of Brussels, Belgium.

Dr Sachs' journalism and writings on US legal corruption, have extended far outward from the racist bribery crimes of Bush friend Patricia Cornwell. Dr Sachs has exposed how the whole system of corrupt US judges and lawyers, now serves a new Nazi-like fascist system in the United States. There are now more than 2 million US prisoners - 25 per cent of the world's prison population - who are a source of slave labour for US corporations, even though many of these prisoners are innocent. The US court corruption further serves as a tool of crushing of political opposition and a source of terrorism against the US population.

The writings of Dr Sachs are now read in many countries, and he receives communications from people all around the world, including many victims and their families. This includes other victims of Patricia Cornwell; Jews or families of Jews attacked in the US, or even killed in US jail cells; the innocent in US prisons; and so many victims of injustice in the US and elsewhere.

Dr Sachs knows that among his purposes in life, in surviving all of this and managing to stay alive, is that of bringing some comfort and greater understanding to many victims of the US regime and their families.

Below, Dr Sachs at the EU parliament building in Brussels, the political centre of all Europe (photo by Lugordon).
Dr Les Sachs at EU Parliament Brussels Belgium

Personal Side

Dr Sachs is single, never had any children, and has never yet married, though very sociable. He has always enjoyed the European café culture, sipping a drink with friends as the world walks by.

For relaxation, Dr Sachs' hobbies have included classical music, taking walks amid nature, and also toy trains in O gauge. Here is a scene from the home railroad he put together at his old apartment in Virginia: Lionel EMD F3 diesel, on classic heritage Lionel three-rail O gauge track; train cars, lights and structures also by Lionel, dog by Corgi, figures at station by Preiser.
Scene from Dr Sachs' toy train layout, photo

The great personal devotion of Dr Sachs' life was his attachment to his cat, Miss Kitty, whom Dr Sachs found outdoors at his Virginia apartment complex in 1993. Miss Kitty went blind in early 2002, while Dr Sachs was desperately struggling to get legal help and trying to stay alive, in the face of the Bush-US- Patricia Cornwell threats to murder him.

This beautiful and devoted cat you see below, Dr Sachs' little blind girl, bravely and calmly travelled with Dr Sachs as he was forced to head north, as he was going into hiding and preparing for escape from North America.

With Dr Sachs menaced by US agents even in Canada, and his own future in the Netherlands not secured, Miss Kitty was left in the care of a loving Canadian household as Dr Sachs travelled to Europe.

Very sadly, Miss Kitty fell ill and died while Dr Sachs was beginning his way in Europe and being attacked by US agents in the Netherlands. Thus Dr Sachs was unable to ever see Miss Kitty alive again.
Miss Kitty, photo
Here, Dr Sachs' beloved cat, the elderly and blind Miss Kitty, who died shortly after Dr Sachs was forced into exile in Europe by the US government and the Patricia Cornwell criminal thugs.

It is Dr Sachs' great personal grief that she died without hearing one last word from him, without one last caress of his hand upon her fur.

This is the greatest grief of Dr Sachs' life, that he was not able to be reunited with his little blind girl, and be with her in her final days. For Dr Sachs personally, this is the worst crime committed against him by the US government and the Patricia Cornwell gang of criminals.

Hence for Dr Sachs, there is no victory for him personally, in his battle with the US empire and with the racist criminal gang of Patricia Cornwell. Nothing will ever make up to him for this loss, of this sweet little furry blind girl, the fact that she died without Dr Sachs' voice and touch near to her.

Dr Sachs will mourn Miss Kitty in his heart until the final moments of his life, after which Dr Sachs hopes to be with her again in a better world in the life to come.

Dr Les Sachs is related to Jews who died in the Nazi Holocaust of the 1940s, a key factor in the US and Patricia Cornwell threats to murder and slander Dr Sachs, as they try and suppress Dr Sachs' writings that expose their own Nazi-style behaviour.

Dr Sachs' own name and initial is found at the National Monument to the Jewish Martyrs of Belgium, in the Anderlecht neighbourhood of Brussels.

Recently the National Monument to the Jewish Martyrs of Belgium has been attacked - just like Dr Les Sachs himself has been attacked in Belgium, by the US-Bush-Patricia-Cornwell gang of criminals.

photo National Monument to the Jewish Martyrs of Belgium

Among the Belgian Jews murdered by the Nazis, this name engraved into the wall at the National Monument to the Jewish Martyrs of Belgium -
"Sachs L":

photo L Sachs among murdered Jews, Brussels, Belgium

J'accuse author Patricia Cornwell, friend of President Bush, media money-slut for US politicians, Cornwell the extortionist, racist and fascist - by Dr Les Sachs

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