Notable journalism by Dr Les Sachs (Dr Leslie Sachs), banned by US judges from Google and search engines - What the USA is now illegally trying to block the world from finding on the internet:

"Americans Murdering Their Judges, and the American Crisis of Judicial Corruption"

The Banned Biography - "The True Early Life and Career of Author Patricia Cornwell: Crimes & Scandals of a Friend of Bush, Anti-Semite, and Far-Right Political Financier" (See by other journalists: "Patricia Cornwell Court Trial Documents")

"America's Corrupt Legal System - Danger to Visitors, Travellers as Well as USA Residents"

The CIA and Wikipedia" - Wikipedia and Answers-com, tools of US government dis-info
(see also CIA Lies on Wikipedia)
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Dr Les Sachs (Dr Leslie Sachs) - Anti-corruption writer and political refugee from the US - under threat of murder by United States political & judicial mafia and Bush pal Patricia Cornwell

From the European press articles about Dr Les Sachs:
- "Two EU Writers Under Threat of Murder: Roberto Saviano and Dr Les Sachs"
- "US Justice sources: US 'Trials' of Political Refugee in Europe Were Both Fraudulent"
- US Blocking Belgian Journalism Websites to Help Murder US Dissident in Brussels - Lies on Wikipedia to slander Dr Les Sachs
- Online police & gov't files proving US crimes against Dr Les Sachs

Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs is a journalist and author, Harvard classmate of US leaders, published expert on US corruption since the 1980s, and a leading authority on:
how the US jails many tens of thousands of innocent people
- why the US legal-judicial mafia is a threat to the whole world
- key aspects of media corruption, such as racist criminal political financier Patricia Cornwell, and the CIA role with Wikipedia

- Under direct threat of political assassination in Belgium, by US judges and CIA-backed criminals linked to George Bush
- A hero and comfort to thousands of victims of the corrupt US courts and the US regime
- In 2007, target of the largest global media smear campaign ever conducted against a political refugee, and of illegal banning of Dr Sachs' websites from Google and internet search engines
- Jewish heritage 'unitarian' Christian by faith - Dr Sachs is hated as a spiritual 'Jew for peace and justice', fighting the Nazi-like nature of US gov't terrorism, the Goebbels-like media manipulation, the mafia corruption of US judges and lawyers

God bless the people of all faiths, and God bless all the victims of corrupt governments and regimes - Dr Les Sachs

More journalism by Dr Sachs, banned from Google etc. by the US judges & gov't:

Detailed Biography of Dr Les Sachs - the banned story of how US-Bush judges threatened to murder Dr Sachs and forced him to become a political refugee

"Footsteps of Anne Frank": US writer of Jewish heritage forced to take political refuge in Europe

The article that changed the US Supreme Court, blocking J. Harvie Wilkinson III from becoming Chief Justice:
"Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III, His Bribery Cover-Up for 4th Circuit Judges"

The "Complete Underground Guide and FAQ, to US Judicial and Legal Corruption" (free online book)

photo Dr Les Sachs (Dr Leslie Sachs)

Dr Les Sachs

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Yes, you are now reading a website illegally banned by US judges, as US judges now take direct political control of Google and the internet search engines, to cover up for crimes of the US gov't, and the crimes of US judges themselves.

Most journalism of Dr Sachs about US corruption, is now banned from Google and the search engines by illegal US 'court orders'. - Even sites linking to Dr Sachs are 'erased' from Google by these US 'orders', as US judges want you to read only lies and smears about Dr Sachs, while his journalism is suppressed and silenced. - See just below for: Correcting Internet Lies Told About Dr Les Sachs.

On Canada's brave MWC News -

"Foreign Companies Face Risk of US Court Corruption: Doing Business in the Big Bribery Nation"

"US Government Attacks on Jews, versus the Power of the US 'Jewish Lobby'"

See also:

Court and Police Documents Proving US crimes against Dr Les Sachs

US Supreme Court and Appeals Court filings - composed in hiding inside the US, before Dr Sachs escaped over the border - detailing and exposing crimes of US federal judges

The attacks on Dr Sachs originated with the Bush friend, political financier, fascist and anti-Semitic author Patricia Cornwell, who continues to seek Dr Sachs' suppression and murder.

A major legal case is coming in Europe, over the US criminal attacks on Dr Sachs, the media smear campaigns against him, and the illegal banning of Dr Sachs' journalism from Google and the search engines.

Assisting the US government in the goal of murdering Dr Sachs, and exterminating his journalism from the internet, US and UK media companies, including the CIA-backed Wikipedia and Answers-com, have mounted a global smear campaign of lies against Dr Sachs.

This smear campaign is combined with US judges intimidating US lawyers, while US judges directly ban Dr Sachs' own websites from Google - even banning websites that dare to link to Dr Sachs! - as US judges try to 'erase' the truth.

So first, one needs to correct the internet lies told about the journalist Dr Sachs, and about the fraudulent US 'legal cases' designed to ban and slander his person and his journalism:

Correcting the internet lies told about Dr Les Sachs (Dr Leslie Sachs) and about the legal cases involving Patricia Cornwell -

A statement by Dr Les Sachs

(For recent journalism from Europe about Dr Les Sachs: (1) Official files proving US crimes against him (2) US Justice sources: US 'Trials' of Political Refugee in Europe Were Both Fraudulent (3) Two EU Writers Under Threat of Murder: Roberto Saviano and Dr Les Sachs (4) US Blocking Belgian Journalism Websites to Help Murder US Dissident in Brussels)

Many of the things, indeed most everything, that you read on the internet about me, and about the Patricia Cornwell legal cases in the US, are a lie and a fraud, and the lies and fraud will be brought out in the upcoming legal cases in Europe.

Thousands of pages of proof documents which show that what I have been saying is true, will be entered into the record in the European courts. Most of these documents are available to anyone.

As we get closer to the European court date, media companies have begun to pull back and withdraw some of the stories telling lies about me. But many of the lies still remain.

The US judges have illegally banned from Google and the search engines, nearly all of my own articles and journalism, but also most articles that link to me or which tell the truth about me. - The US government and judges, believe that my journalism is such a threat to them, that they need to take direct political control of Google and the search engines, to try and erase my writings, and to make it easier for me to be murdered.

It is because I am such an important dissident and critic of the US regime - because my writings have touched many thousands of families hurt by the US legal system - that the US judges and government, and the US-UK media companies, have joined to ban my words, and have joined in what European lawyers call the largest smear campaign of lies ever conducted against a political refugee.

That is why they have banned my journalism from the internet. Most of the articles and journalism they have banned, are not even about Patsy Cornwell - The journalism they have banned, is mostly about the corruption of US judges and lawyers and media companies.

Though the case was started, in order to silence and block me from writing journalism about the political financier Cornwell, about her crimes with the Bushes and her crimes with US judges.

Because I hold proof of serious crimes by US federal judges, US lawyers were afraid to help me. US lawyers are often disbarred if they dare to say a word to help a victim of the judges' hatred.

First, some true things about me, that most internet articles hide from you -

- The threats to jail and murder me by the US judges and government, forced me to be a political refugee from the US. I escaped to safety in Europe in 2004, and I am now an EU citizen.

- In the US, the judges banned my freedom of speech instantly, in a phone call from the federal judge, minutes after I received the legal papers. No trial, no hearing, no nothing, just an illegal deal arranged in advance by the corrupt Willcox & Savage firm, lawyers for Bush's friend Cornwell, in a deal with a judge appointed by Bush. - Apparently the only such case in US history, instant banning of journalism and freedom of speech, advance injunction without trial or hearing.

- They used the ban on my speaking, to threaten to torture me to death in a US jail cell, and to stage a brief Stalin-style 'legal proceeding', with me banned from denouncing it as a fraud.

- Friends of the US judge pretended to be my lawyers. While threatening to have me tortured and killed, these lawyers signing fake papers claiming I "agreed" to ban my freedom of speech for the rest of my life, plus "agreed" to spend the rest of my life paying money to the judge's friends. These friends of the judge, Thomas Roberts and Tim Schulte, also pretended to be part of a 'Freedom Works Foundation' not certified with the IRS and thus a felony criminal fraud. They even put this 'Foundation' fraud in writing and keep this fraud on the web.

- Patricia Cornwell is a friend of the Bush family for 25 years. When the first Bush was President, they made Cornwell into a 'famous author' as a way for media companies to funnel millions back to the Bush family.

- Cornwell has been a special 'friend of the judges' since 1998. Media companies at that time also agreed to begin to hide the real facts of Cornwell's life, and to join the US judges to help destroy anyone who writes truth about her.

- Cornwell threatened to destroy the books of a Jew, in writing, and then committed perjury about it. It is Cornwell's threats of book-burning against a Jew, that started the public controversy between myself and Cornwell.

- Cornwell publicly boasted in Vanity Fair magazine that she can get away with murdering people, and I am one of the people she has enjoyed threatening to murder.

- In 2007, after three years of my journalism about US court corruption, the same US judges who threatened to kill me and who forced me to become a refugee in Europe, these same judges held a new fake 'trial', in part to smear me with brand new lies claiming I was a 'stalker' of Bush's friend Cornwell, but mostly in order to issue illegal orders upon Google and the search engines, to ban most of my journalism from the internet, so people cannot find my writings.

- The majority of my writing banned from the internet, is not even about Cornwell, it is rather about the corrupt US legal system and judges. These banned writings have been important to tens of thousands of people. The US government seeks to have me silenced and murdered to prevent this journalism being more widely known.

Some big lies and hoaxes about me, that you find on the internet -

- The lie that the case is about 'plagiarism'
I never used this word in accusations about my writing and Cornwell's. The fake story about 'plagiarism' is a set of words shoved into my mouth, to distract from the facts about Cornwell's threats of book-burning a Jew's books, Cornwell then hiring people to extort me and threaten to kill me, and to illegally ban my journalism and freedom of speech. - The 'sticker on my book' discussed in news articles, spoke only of Cornwell's book-burning threats, not about 'plagiarism'.

- The lie that I am a 'stalker' or 'cyber-stalker' harassing Cornwell
From 2004-2007 I published three years of factual journalism about Cornwell and the US judges, proven by documents, and totally unchallenged by Cornwell's lawyers. - Then, Cornwell's new corrupt lawyers at Morris & Morris in Richmond, and their partner corrupt lawyers at WilmerHale in Boston, just invented fake 'stalker' stories out of thin air, and spread these false stories through media companies tied to Cornwell and the US government. Today, Cornwell's lawyers don't even deny the stalking charges are fake, because the 'stalking' stories Cornwell has invented are literally impossible - Cornwell says I have been sneaking back into the USA, somehow evading Homeland Security at the borders, just to 'stalk' her, and then I am able to sneak back to Europe, ha!

- The lie that I "agreed" to ban my own freedom of speech as a "settlement"
I have been an anti-corruption book author and journalist since the early 1980s. - The written order banning my freedom of speech for the rest of my life, is a clear fraud, only signed by the judge's friends, not by me. - I had no assets to lose by going to trial or appealing illegal orders. - No one in the Cornwell gang can explain why I had any reason to quickly "agree" to ban my own freedom of speech and journalism for the rest of my life, plus "agree" to have my publishing company and reputation destroyed, plus "agree" to spend the rest of my life paying several hundred thousand dollars to the judge's friends with their fake 'civil rights foundation' that doesn't exist. - These lawyers even joked, on the written court record, about threatening to murder me, and about conspiring with the federal judge to pose as my lawyer while they were really working for Cornwell. - Yes, ha, very funny. - The Cornwell group has also circulated fake 'apology letters' created by Cornwell's lawyers.

- The lie that my journalism is for 'marketing' my books, or that I am 'jealous' of Cornwell
This is more absurdity. The initial claim of Cornwell and that the judges is that there is nothing wrong with threatening to burn a Jew's books, and that I was only saying this to 'market' my own writing, thus I must be banned and suppressed. They claim that US judges can ban any independent journalism, merely by declaring that the journalist is 'marketing' and selling his writing. - They claim that I am only showing proof documents of how they illegally banned my journalism, of how they committed court fraud and threatened to murder me, of how they destroyed my publishing career, how they forced me to become a political refugee in Europe to save my life - just because I am engaged in 'marketing' or 'jealous'. Yeah, sure.

- The lie that Cornwell doesn't hate Jews
Documents and witnesses prove that Patricia Cornwell really does hate the people she describes as "dirty, filthy Jews". Cornwell grew up under the foster care supervision of Billy Graham, whose anti-Semitic hatred was recorded on the Watergate tapes. Like some Nazis, Cornwell likes using submissive Jews for business, or in her eroticism. Cornwell's gay marriage to a Jewish woman seems a political fake, taken under legal advice, to cover for crimes: Victims of Cornwell have had swastikas painted on houses, Cornwell's friends record her hatred of 'filthy Jews', and Cornwell did, in writing, threaten a book-burning of the books of a Jew, and then paid people to threaten murder to cover up for this.

Internet media sources are mostly tied to Cornwell -

Do note how many internet "sources" turn out to be Cornwell's own publishing companies or others with a vested interest in her crimes.

CNN is a branch of one of Cornwell's publishing companies, Time-Warner Books.

AP (Associated Press) is partly owned by Cornwell's publishing companies, and by parties named as co-defendants of Cornwell in past-crimes (Times-Dispatch Media General).

David Mehegan, Boston Globe (New York Times Company) sent me hate mail, does not deny taking a bribe from Cornwell's Boston lawyer Joan Lukey.

The UK Guardian is in joint financial projects with Cornwell's publishers at Pearson and elsewhere.

Media General - Times Dispatch editorial board had a personal meeting with Cornwell, agreeing to help her in any way whatsoever, due to the money she gives the Bushes.

US law prof. Roy Girasa, works for Cornwell's publisher Pearson, doesn't deny he took money to write lies for Cornwell.

Wikipedia and Answers-com are defendants in the European legal cases, facing possible closure, they have a vested interested in supporting the banning of my journalism and the threats to murder me, after they worked with Cornwell and the CIA to spread lies about me for several years. Wikipedia's UK spokesman David Gerard has sent me personal hate mail, telling me how he is working to destroy me.

Media companies that operate in the US fear revenge by US judges in future cases, if they expose crimes by the judges - media companies want favours from US judges, so they help the US judges to attack and smear critics of the courts.

The US federal judges, anxious to cover up for their court fraud crimes, as partners of Cornwell and Bush, of course wrote extensive public lies and smears about me as part of their illegal 'court orders', while banning my responses and my websites from Google and the search engines.

Patricia Cornwell has spread lies about me to readers of her books, encouraging them to spread smears about me on the internet, while her judge friends ban my replies from being visible on Google and the search engines.

And of course you have various other people who never contacted me, writing their own false material on the internet, based on lies originally written by the Cornwell team or the Cornwell judges, and spread through Cornwell's media connections above.

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photo Dr Les Sachs (Dr Leslie Sachs)

Dr Les Sachs

More about Dr Les Sachs (Dr Leslie Sachs) -

The peaceful Dr Les Sachs is one of the most highly educated citizens from the United States. Dr Sachs holds full written proof of major crimes by the US government, and was forced to take political refuge in Western Europe because of terrorist acts against him by the Bush gang who rule the USA. (For a more detailed biography of Dr Sachs with more photos, click here.)

Dr Sachs, a product of European Christian, Jewish and native American heritages, graduated from Harvard University alongside today's top US leaders. He holds seven earned degrees from three universities, including a doctorate in historical studies. Dr Sachs' published books have sold in six figures, and he holds the Superior Performance Award from the US Department of Justice.

Dr Sachs is under direct threat of jail and murder by the US regime, and he is the victim of terrorist acts committed by the US in Europe. He is currently being targeted by US government terrorist activity in Belgium, as well as by a worldwide media slander campaign organised by the friends of President Bush, a campaign led by the fascist, racist author and Bush friend Patricia Cornwell.

J'accuse author Patricia Cornwell, friend of President Bush, media money-slut for US politicians, Cornwell the extortionist, racist and fascist - by Dr Les Sachs

The friends of Bush are so afraid of the power of Dr Sachs' writings, that they have spent nearly a million US dollars trying to destroy, slander and murder him. US-tied media companies are supporting these acts of terrorism and are trying to smear and slander Dr Sachs, while the US high courts, copying the style of Adolf Hitler, have held two fraudulent "legal proceedings" to try and ban Dr Sachs' freedom to write and speak.

Nearly 18 months before it became world news and general fact, Dr Sachs' journalism exposed how Wikipedia and Answers-dot-com are tools of the CIA and of US-Israeli intelligence, part of the US attempt at worldwide control of the internet. Now, Dr Sachs' conclusions have become mainstream fact, backed by large-scale research on Wired News and elsewhere. - Dr Les Sachs is himself a victim of the US attempts at this Nazi-style control of the world media and the web.

The US regime has such violent hatred for Dr Sachs and his writing, that it has launched criminal campaigns against Europeans and all world citizens, to try and silence Dr Sachs' voice around the world.
The US regime is desperately trying to cover up for its terrorist crimes that forced Dr Sachs to become a political refugee in Europe in the first place.

Dr Les Sachs is related to Jews who died in the Nazi Holocaust of the 1940s, a key factor in the US and Patricia Cornwell threats to murder and slander Dr Sachs, as they try and suppress Dr Sachs' writings that expose their own Nazi-style behaviour.

Dr Sachs' own name and initial is found at the National Monument to the Jewish Martyrs of Belgium, in the Anderlecht neighbourhood of Brussels.

Recently the National Monument to the Jewish Martyrs of Belgium has been attacked - just like Dr Les Sachs himself has been attacked in Belgium, by the US-Bush-Patricia-Cornwell gang of criminals.

photo National Monument to the Jewish Martyrs of Belgium

Among the Belgian Jews murdered by the Nazis, this name engraved into the wall at the National Monument to the Jewish Martyrs of Belgium -
"Sachs L":

photo L Sachs among murdered Jews, Brussels, Belgium

With the US in violation of international laws and treaties, and also its own propaganda, the US is misusing its power over major internet companies, issuing illegal "court orders" against Google and others, trying to ban access to Dr Sachs' writings and to erase the facts about Dr Sachs from the internet.

Meanwhile, the Bush-tied major media companies are supporting these US terrorist crimes by spreading lies about Dr Sachs and his writings, and ignoring the facts and the documents proving that the US regime is guilty of acts of major crime, court fraud and international terrorism. The Western media obscure how the US is banning and threatening to jail and murder a book author, who was perhaps the US' most highly educated citizen.

The US regime, Bush friend Patricia Cornwell, and Cornwell's publisher Pearson plc - Penguin Books, have mounted internet attacks slandering Dr Sachs for several years - but nonetheless, they have recently been able to bribe or induce Western media companies to slander Dr Sachs as somehow an "internet attacker" and "cyberstalker" of Bush's friend -- even though from the very beginning of Dr Sachs' publicity about Patricia Cornwell, Dr Sachs was only responding to threats he himself received from the Cornwell-Bush gang, including an early extortion letter Cornwell faxed to Dr Sachs.

The Western media companies, bigoted and biased as they are, regularly denounce actions by Muslim and other nations that affect "freedom of speech" - yet these same Western media companies
reveal their hypocrisy as they join the attempts to silence, ban, slander and murder Dr Les Sachs, in revenge for Dr Sachs daring to write about the corruption and bribery of the US empire and Bush's friends. The Western corporate media laud the dissidents from non-Western countries, but slander and attack Dr Sachs because he exposes the deepest crimes of the US empire.

Dr Sachs is the son of a Polish-Jewish mother, and honours the memory of his Jewish relatives who died in the Holocaust under Adolf Hitler. Dr Sachs helped to teach a course at Harvard University about the moral implications of Hitler's Nazi crimes. It is precisely Dr Sachs' honouring the victims of fascist Adolf Hitler, that led Dr Sachs to criticise the Nazi-like behaviour of the friends of George Bush and the rulers of the United States.

Dr Sachs bumped into the terrorist power of the Bush gang, when he dared to challenge the Jew-hating activity of a wealthy racist friend of President George Bush -- the famous book author and proven perjuring criminal Patricia Cornwell. Patricia Cornwell is a money-whore through whom the media companies give millions of dollars of funding to the George Bush family and other US politicians, and Cornwell publicly boasts that she can murder people, thanks to her backing by the Bushes and the US regime.

The Bush gang and bribed US judges looked upon Dr Sachs, with his past record of successful journalism on corruption, as someone who might expose the truth about George Bush's friend Cornwell, and so they moved quickly to attack Dr Sachs, instantly banning his freedom of speech and threatening to torture him to death in US jails.

With racist US federal judges successfully intimidating US lawyers and organisations so they would not help Dr Sachs, the Bush-US regime forced Dr Sachs to escape to Europe just to be able to stay alive. Agents of the US-Bush regime and Bush's friend Cornwell, have continued criminal and terrorist attacks on Dr Sachs in Europe, mounting a major new campaign against Dr Sachs in 2007 after Dr Sachs' writings started to become very popular around the world.

Dr Sachs is a European citizen who lives in the capital of Europe, Brussels, Belgium, where, despite the threats of murder by the US regime, Dr Sachs continues to work for a more just and peaceful world, against the US terrorists. Upcoming legal actions in Europe will help to further expose the US terrorist crimes against Dr Sachs, and the Nazi-style attempt by the US and its allied media companies to control the world internet.

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